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An IP PBX or VOIP phone system replaces a traditional PBX or phone system and gives employees an extension number, the ability to conference, transfer and dial other colleagues. All calls are sent via data packets over a data network instead of the traditional phone network. With the use of a VOIP gateway, you can connect existing phone lines to the IP PBX and make and receive phone calls via a regular PSTN line. The IP PBX FAQ helps answer common questions about VOIP, SIP, IP PBX / VOIP Phone System hardware & Software, implementation and more.


Because a major part of IP PBX functionality is provided in software, it is relatively inexpensive and makes it easy to add additional functionality, such as conferencing, XML-RPC control of live calls, Interactive voice response (IVR), TTS/ASR (text to speech/automatic speech recognition), Public switched telephone network (PSTN) interconnection ability supporting both analog and digital circuits, Voice over IP protocols including SIP, Inter-Asterisk eXchange, H.323, Jingle (extension of XMPP protocol introduced by Google Talk) and others.

(Features depend on system in place, some features require licenses or other software/hardware)

• Unlimited Extensions
• Unlimited Auto Attendants
• Unlimited Voicemail Boxes
• Cell Phone Integration
• Integrated/Overhead Paging (PA System)
• Remote Phones
• Advanced User Interface (including Find me/Follow Me, Unified Messaging, Call recordings, Voicemail .wav).
• Extension Groups
• Auto Provisioning
• Extension Range Flexibility
• Caller ID Customization
• DID Direct Inward Dialing
• Find Me/Follow Me
• Time of Day Routing
• Extension Call Recording
• On the Fly Recording
• Call Return
• Voicemail Callback
• Voicemail to Email
• SMS Voicemail notification
• Voicemail Web Access
• Voicemail Bypass
• Intuitive VoIP Ready
• Voicemail Blast Groups
• VoIP Ready
• Inbound Call Description
• VoIP Compression
• Outlook Integration
• Announcement Interface
• Call-out
• Call Pickup
• System Diagnositcs
• Multivendor Phone Options
• Analog Phone Support
• BYO Phones
• Call Parking
• Call Barge
• Dial by Name Directory
• Powerful Reporting
• CRM Integration
• Remote Linked Servers
• Operator Console
• Custom Routing Rules
• Conference Rooms
• Outbound Dial Map
• Speed Dial Numbers
• Channel Bank Support
• Multiple Music on Hold
• Analog and Digital T1 Ready
• PSTN or Digital Fail over
• NIS Routing
• Advanced Routing (IVR)
• Fast Pass
• Caller Position Notification
• Call Whisper
• Auto call forwarding
• Unified Messaging
• Call Screening
• ANI Routing
• DNIS Routing
• Enhanced Mobility
• Custom VoIP Provider
• Professional Development
• Fax Support
• Fax to Email
• Fax PDF Support
• ACD Features
• Click to Dial
• Soft phone
• Call Transfer
• Call Conference
• Live Monitoring