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Security Surveillance

IT Stairway is a professional Company in the Electronic surveillance industry. with a foot print 99% of satisfied customer not only in India but also in European countries- Netherlands ,Germany ,France, Cyprus now we are starting our Branch office in UK to have more satisfied customer with our quality product and after sales services. We are covering latest trend and technology in the Global Industry to provide full range of CCTV solutions (Like Digital Video Recorder (DVR) ,Analog & Digital Camera, Network Video Recorder, Accessories and many more to meet out customer requirement) we also do provide Intrusion Alarm Systems,Video Door Phones along with wide range of Time Attendance & Access Control Systems, P.A Systems etc.. Camera eye provide recording of 24 hours & 365 days to keep our Present and future safe and with a past recording of video without blinking for seconds. Our energetic Technical team keeps investing time on R&D to provide latest innovation , new products with latest technology, fashion & design to meet the changing market requirements.

We believe that our excellent products could bring lots of profit to our Customers, Dealers and Distributors.