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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Physical security systems are essential in creating the secure environment on which every businesses rely. Without proper detection systems,the security of customers, employees, the store, and its’ inventory can be put at risk.

Retail businesses, along with many other types of public and private enterprises, have traditionally relied on an array of security sensors for their burglar alarm and intrusion detection systems.

These sensors are hardwired into security panels to monitor the physical space inside facilities and sometimes outside the facilities. Types of sensors include motion detectors, door and safe contacts, glass break detectors, and fixed-location panic buttons.

Wireless security installations provide the same sensor options of a hardwired system, without the expensive and cumbersome wiring costs,and they offer additional flexibility and functionality.

Wireless security systems have been used in retail, financial, and government institutions for more than 20 years.

As loss prevention teams have become convinced of the reliability, value, and dependability of a radio frequency (RF) approach, they continue to expand the use of wireless to additional locations, facilities, and applications. Some of the biggest names in the retail industry have adopted wireless security systems for many of their stores, providing a testament to the maturity and proven performance of the underlying wireless technology.